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Tobii Eye Tracker 4C – PC gaming Review

Tobii Eye Tracker 4C – PC gaming Review


Model: 12004648



    • The Tobii Eye Tracker 4C complements the use of a keyboard and mouse, enabling you to use your gaze as an additional input for computer interactions and gaming or increased accessibility. It features simultaneous eye and head tracking, deepening the immersion in your favorite games.
    • Content creators can benefit from an added overlay that shows their audience where their gaze point is during gameplay or alike using our very own application Streaming Gaze Overlay.
    • Windows 10 features offers a secure login option through facial recognition using Windows Hello and a range of gaze enabled interaction features.
    • The peripheral attaches magnetically to the bottom of the screen and connects to your PC via USB. Works on single screen set up, max screen size 27″ 16:9 or 30″ 21:9
    • Free copy of a PC game included (while supplies last). Tobii Eye Tracking powers over 130 games. Find all available titles at our Tobii Gaming website.



12004648 Reviews

“Tobiiâ$™S Hardware Is Wonderful. I Tried A Little Bit Of The Gaming …”

I purchased the Tobii for something other than gaming, using open source software that I was able to generate a computer completely operable with just my eyes. Web browsing, text to speech, etc.. I had been trying to help a friend who’d lately become paralyzed but they ended up not needed it. Tobiiâ$™s hardware is amazing. I tried a small bit of the gaming (on elite harmful) and the demo they had and I was quite impressed. Do not be concerned about whether it could keep up with your eyes, its exceptional. If I could use it to make tiny clicks on my laptop screen, it could keep up with your eyes while gambling. You also have to realize that Tobii makes eye trackers for the health care field, its a place where they have a very long history of expertise. Implementing it to the gambling area might be newer but doesnâ$™t imply that their hardware and softwear is new or untested. It’ll do the job perfectly.

Tobii Eye Tracker 4C – PC gaming Review | 12004648 Review


“Beta Quality Software, Great Tracking! ”

Andnbsp;Forgive the badly compressed movie, wasnt the way I uploaded it.Installed onto a curved Asus ROG 34 display using 3M Command Strips and while the added magnetic tabs and adhere tape seems to be an underwhelming attempt on Tobiis component, its not hard to stick this to some display.This 4c was time consuming pain to get running with some of the four matches it auto-detected at Game Hub (Digital Combat Simulator, Farming Sim 17, EuroTruck2, Prepar3d). If you play more mainstream FPS or RPG games youll probably have better results.I finally uninstalled the Tobii Game Hub software and reinstalled and instantly the tracking worked. You will need two different Tobii programs to run head tracking for games and use in Windows, Game Hub for game and Tobii Eye Tracking that’s the foundation program and lives on your task bar giving visual indication if its tracking your eyes or not. Functional range appears to be about three to four feet.In Prepar3d v3 and V4 flight simulator that the eye/head tracking is truly excellent but there is no zoom forward or rear axis. Still FAR superior than my Track IR ever wasy and no goofy hat using a metal IR target stuck to it demanded, Tobii calibrates with your eyes and thats all it requires to efficiently track your head or eye motion in game. It works I love it its smooth, consistent and steady. Ample settings available in Game Hub for responsiveness, S-curves, tracking speed and many modes of eye and head tracking are offered.Even with glowing sunshine bleeding through blinds supporting my mind the Tobii 4c has no difficulty tracking.Windows Hello works flawlessly with the infrared camera thus no longer passwords to login.There are far more features for Windows in the Tobii software like maintaining your screen awake until the tracker no longer detects you, warping the mouse cursor to where you are looking etc and they all work well but I dont use them. More novelty than functional for me. Gaze tracker is especially cool though to demonstrate for others.CONS: The program looks and feels more for marketing than getting customers up and running. $149 and not 1 match it detected actually worked out of the box.Setup has been frustrating, time consuming and hard to really get working in ANY the sims or matches on both my machines and it’s an Alienware 17 R4 that Tobii is built in to. Some kind of diagnostic or improved interface is badly needed – Tobii site is mostly marketing and very minimal info or Tracking resources to provide help. Game Hub is obviously a work in progress. It detects games even in Steam but then provides no assistance when things dont work. I discovered no forums or offering besides sending an email to Tobii.Setting a hotkey to disable mind tracking in Prepar3D v3 or v4 works, kind of. Sometimes it disables, sometimes not. Even with Tobii disabling head tracking you cant mouse or joystick pan or controller perspective because Tobii keeps resetting the view back to center.Mounting – actually should provide a better choice than sticking it to your display but it does work.Bottom point is its wonderful tracker once functioning and I dont want to return to mouse slewed viewing or Track IR ever. Enjoy it!

Tobii Eye Tracker 4C – PC gaming Review | 12004648 Review