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Razer Tartarus V2 Chroma – Ergonomic Mecha-Membrane Gaming Keypad – 32 Fully Programmable Keys – 8-Way Thumbpad & Scroll Wheel w/ Detachable Palm Rest Review

Razer Tartarus V2 Chroma – Ergonomic Mecha-Membrane Gaming Keypad – 32 Fully Programmable Keys – 8-Way Thumbpad & Scroll Wheel w/ Detachable Palm Rest Review


Model: RZ07-02270100-R3U1



    • Meet the best of both worlds. The Razer Tartarus V2 combines the soft cushioned touch of a membrane rubber dome with the crisp tactile click of a mechanical switch. Each key is actuated at mid-height for an instantaneous response. Now you can command faster than ever.
    • Equip yourself with a complete arsenal of 32 fully programmable keys* for skills, hotkeys and macros right at your fingertips. The 8-way directional thumbpad can also be used for easy movement or to expand on commands.
    • Featuring individually programmable backlit keys and 16.8 million color options. Choose from preloaded lighting effects or create your own unique palette of colors for a gaming experience that’s truly yours-all set easily through Razer Synapse 3 (Beta).
    • Thanks to advanced ergonomics, you’ll feel nothing but a comfortable fit whether you’re gaming for an hour or ten. Comes with a detachable palm rest with two adjustable positions to suit your preferred angle of comfort.
    • Start by binding a button on your keypad to Hypershift. Upon clicking and holding it, you enter “Hypershift mode”, which opens a secondary set of commands for everything from macros to windows shortcuts, on top of your current controls. This doubles your device’s capabilities.



RZ07-02270100-R3U1 Reviews

“Wonderful Digital Artist Tool! + A Few Tips Getting Started! ”

Ive had this nifty device for the past couple of months and Ive finally decided to write a review. Be aware that Ill be updating my review as time goes on. Things can change, but my requirement for the (or some similar) apparatus will certainly stick.I didnt buy this to game with, though Im looking forward to trying it out in the future. My aim for this order was to streamline my workflow, both for both speed and ergonomic reasons. Working with a wacom + computer keyboard setup on my little desk was wreaking havoc on my shoulder, also since I do so professionally, I cant afford to miss work as a result of pinched nerves or sore limbs. In addition to this, I utilize many different programs through the day and that I have trouble remembering all those shortcuts. I considered buying only an average keypad but I didnt much care for the concept that Id need to switch up my shortcuts for all, especially since I dont work in the home with my own setup.Enter… that the Orbweaver.Comfort:As a woman with fairly tiny hands, I stressed that this device would be too large for my needs; Now I have it with me I could see why some reviewers fight its own size. My palms dont really hit the upper row, and the bottom row could be a bit on the awkward side to use. But because Im not using this for gaming, I dont really see this as a problem. Ive delegated my best row for things I dont typically need all that often (Save As, New Layer( etc) and its worked out just fine.As for comfort, I found the default settings to be best for my needs. Ive suffered no pain when using it (well, in the fault of this device anyway; more on this later) and I’ve yet to have the adhesive seepage issue arise (but Im keeping a look out for it). My thumb can reach the side buttons fine, although the SPACE button is out of reach; yet again, because I didnt buy this for gaming, it hasnt been much of a problem. I envision if/when I do pick up a match, I can always reassign that button to one I can reach if need be.Functionality:This item has completely altered my workflow for the better. Im using it to get three programs right now (one at a time, so that I can get accustomed to my key designs — more on that later) and aside from some minor things here and there, was a fantasy to use.I love that I can change the backlighting per profile. Esoteric Spine is set to red, PS is blue, CSP is currently lilac. Im able to create hundreds of profiles, each with a lot of keymaps if I want it, and Ive got half a dozen already! I have some hints at the end of the review that will help you make your own designs, so check out that in the event that you need it.Cons:Yes, there are cons… as much as I love this device, Im disappointed by a few things. These things are essentially all SYNAPSE related. Synapse isnt a dreadful program;’m pretty fine with it, to be honest. Still, the hiccups and compatibility issues have contributed my Orbweaver very the… uh, character, and while I can find workarounds and fixes for a number of its own quirks, Im still annoyed with its failings sometimes. Most of these items are problems which probably wont plague others, except for possibly the Mac version of Synapse: the largest drawback I think we Mac users can all share in here is you can’t alter the color of this individual keys such as advertised. Not a dealbreaker, not really a significant issue, but its still an ability I would have enjoyed to have.Okay, now for the fun element my write-up… TIPS!When I first considered using the Orbweaver for my art needs, I combed the net searching for recommended layouts and everything, and that I found… NOTHING. I know I know… a design is a private thing, based on ones own preferences; exactly what works for one person isnt going to necessarily work for somebody else. Still, I wish I at least had a list of suggestions I could go by.TIPS ON GETTING STARTED:(Now, Im still working on my layouts. Dont be disappointed if you dont have the perfect setup right away; it takes time to determine what feels right. But here is exactly what Ive picked up so far.) -My main tip for you? Create an OFF style! Disable every key. Whenever you make a new profile, do this by duplicating this profile ; that way, you have a clean slate every time you create a profile. This saves you SO much time, because Synapse doesnt appear to have a disable most of option.-Whenever you start a new profile, give it a version number. (Example: Clip Studio Paint v1.) Whenever you decide to make modifications, replicate that profile and make changes to your edition. In that way if you decide you like the older design, you can simply switch back. (I test the new layout a few days and then delete the old one should I like the new one.) -I’ve found that 8, 12, and 14 are best used for my most frequent keys, since my fingers naturally rest on them. In Esoteric Spine, for example, I have these keys set to translate, rotate, and scale — everything one needs to reestablish a character. I radiate out from these three keys by importance of different tools: copy/paste, play, save, etc. (Private preference tip: 19 is fantastic as reverse! Its within quick reach, but you arent going to accidentally hit on it.) -Use multiple keymaps. You dont need to fill out a single keymap completely before starting on the next! As I mentioned before, I assign my keys beginning from where my palms rest and radiating out from that based on importance/frequency of use, but rather than sending certain shortcuts out of reach, I create them share keys with different shortcuts using keymaps. (Brush is delegated to 8, for instance, but so is brush dimensions, since its easier to recall for me. I am able to toggle between keymaps using left Alt, easy peasy!) -Assign harder to reach keys to matters not so important/frequently utilized. (01 is delegated to Conserve for me. 03 is fresh layer. 05 is delete. Etc.)-Either search down someones lineart of the Orbweaver or create your own and print out a dozen or so copies to keep on hand. You can use these to visualize a design program and/or to put together a cheat sheet whilst youre learning to use your new keypad. Bust out some coloured pens and make a great chart for yourself.-Seriously, you have to spend like… a week utilizing the orbweaver and ONLY your orbweaver when its time to make some art. Put your keyboard somewhere horribly inconvenient to you so that you dont end up using it out of habit. You’ll be slow the first hour or so, but youll return to your usual pace by the end of the day; as you get used to it, youll wind up going MUCH master than before. Do this ONE PROFILE AT A TIME! Youll have a hard time recalling what if youre switching between your profile for After Effects along with your own profile for Photoshop. Trust me, I tried. One app at a time, 1 profile at a time should you can.Good chance! In case you have any queries about the way I use the orbweaver, just drop me a line in the comments.

Razer Tartarus V2 Chroma – Ergonomic Mecha-Membrane Gaming Keypad – 32 Fully Programmable Keys – 8-Way Thumbpad & Scroll Wheel w/ Detachable Palm Rest Review | RZ07-02270100-R3U1 Review