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LucidSound LS20 Powered Universal Gaming Headset (Black)- PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PSVR, PC, Mobile Devices Review

LucidSound LS20 Powered Universal Gaming Headset (Black)-  PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PSVR, PC, Mobile Devices Review


Model: LS20



    • Amplified headset with rechargeable lithium-ion battery
    • 40mm speakers for booming bass, crystal-clear highs, and bass boost
    • Memory foam ear pads for enhanced comfort and innovative easy to use controls
    • Removable boom mic and playback/call controls for use as a mobile headset
    • Solid metal construction for added durability



LS20 Reviews

“Made For Gambling Perfect For Flying”

*UPDATE ~ photo added* Only took a cross-country flight. The headphones work well as an all around solution. Great from the sport. Great about the plane.Im a fairly serious gamer. I just finished my new build.I first heard about these in the GameStop Expo in LA.. Im a fairly serious gamer. Enough that I have a sweet gaming rig and that I go to Gaming Events. Together with my nerd/gaming enthusiast bonafides established, allow me to explain what I was looking for: My child kept stealing my good headsets. We began fighting over them. I eventually got tired of it and chose to buy another set. I wanted something versatile. Gaming headsets that twice as excellent everyday headphones.Like I said I saw these in the GameStop Expo. I seen 4 different headset booths and these were far superior at the purchase price point of any I saw that day. I was excited when I finally pulled the trigger and ordered these sweet gaming headsets.PROs:1. The cord doesnt twist up and frighten me. My last headsets braided cord wound up tighter and tighter then I would need to unspool it. You may see the cord from the old headset in the photograph. I put it on the envelope to tip out it. That was super annoying from my previous headset. This cable, although not overdone is good quality but it doesnt twist up. The LS20 includes a great cord. I am aware that it is funny to place that first but take a peek at the white envelope in my first photo and you’ll find out why I did.2. Styling: These babies are equally at home at a LAN holiday or party. Pop off the mic and they look like they were meant to be in business class. I love the look and texture of those cans. They look cool. I cant wait to show them off at the next LAN event I attend. I already showed them to a couple of my gaming buddies and they’re envious. They’ve a certain cool factor the big clunky headsets dont have.3. Sound: The amplified noise and bass boost are wonderful. I had been listening to music as I typed this review out and was amazed at the difference in sound from my older headsets. These just have a deeper better audio. It didnt feel like I was listening to music on a gamers headset. They seem like an expensive audiophiles headset. Unplug the mic and you will look cool walking around with them in your ears.4. Microphone: I got into our TeamSpeak station and analyzed out the noise of the Microphone. The dialogue went like this: Seems like you have a new mic. Its not so tinny. And again the microphone unplugs converting the headset to a sweet pair of headphones.5. Comfort: I enjoy how they fit. They are not as hot as my larger pair of headsets. I didnt have that sweaty players ear that the other pair gives nearly immediately. Im not saying they dont make your ears hot, but they are far better than my old pair.6. Quality: These have a solid feel to them that I adore. While not thick, they’re strong. I paid a comparable cost for my other gaming cans, but these just seem to another caliber of quality.CONs:1. Short wire. The 3.5mm lineup is a little short. They’re designed to plug into a gambling controller or a keyboard. It is also possible to plug them into many monitors. That’s the preferred set up for most PC Gamers.I had an expansion useful and plugged them right in my PC.SUMMARY:What set these headsets apart is they double as cans. They have good sound at the $99 price point but they aren’t stuck into your Gaming Rig. You can be stylish and listen to a jams as you fly coast to coast.

LucidSound LS20 Powered Universal Gaming Headset (Black)- PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PSVR, PC, Mobile Devices Review | LS20 Review