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KLIM Desktop USB Microphone Stand for Computer Laptop PC and PS4 Gaming Mic ( Blue ) Review

KLIM Desktop USB Microphone Stand for Computer Laptop PC and PS4 Gaming Mic ( Blue ) Review


Model: K902



    • ✅ GREAT SOUND QUALITY. Highly sensitive desktop microphone for PC. Features a patented audio filter to eliminate background noise and focus on the voice. We also provide a anti-pop filter.
    • ✅ PLUG’N’RECORD. Simply plug in the microphone and it works. No software to install.You will find the user manual in english as a PDF enclosed in an email we send you. If you do not receive it, please contact us.
    • ✅ WILL MATCH YOUR NEEDS. USB Microphone. Ideal for gaming, skype conversations, audio recordings and speech recognition.
    • ✅ COMPATIBLE. Compatible with all brands (Apple, Asus etc) and all OS such as Windows, OS X, Linux.
    • ✅ BUILT TO LAST. Made from reinforced plastic and metal interior reinforcement, extra-strong and durable. Very stable on its stand. Includes two LED lights. Adjustable neck. Complete volume control via a switch. Mute button available.



K902 Reviews

“Cord Is A wonderful Length, Mic Picks Up Seems Properly”

no clear instructions on acts, it was hard to work out ways to get the LEDs to work and they dont stay on involving surgeries so you have to turn it on every time you turn on your computer in the event that you really want to view them. Doesnt angle down enough so make sure your screen is more than 8 inches off your desk or that thing will get in the way or youll must put it on its side. Cord is a nice length, mic picks up sounds nicely, useful mute switch and mic gain adjustment wheel(they should have just put buttons on it rather than using a wheel that merely functions 15 degrees in either direction and springs back into neutral and can be pressed to enable LEDs, so its basically only 3 normal switches). Not bad for the price.

KLIM Desktop USB Microphone Stand for Computer Laptop PC and PS4 Gaming Mic ( Blue ) Review | K902 Review


“Surprised And Pleased”

I bought this mic as an alternative to using a headset while gaming on my PC. Sometimes having a headset may be too cumbersome, especially when I want to get a relaxing gambling session whilst still having the ability to communicate with my buddies. Input KLIM Desktop Mic. This is the first PC mic Ive used for prolonged personal usage, so my opinion might be a bit skewed, but anyway, it’s a good, strong product– and reasonably priced! Exactly what I was searching for. The build is solid and whomever Im speaking to has no problems hearing me. I put the mic to the side of my keyboard, roughly 2 ft. or so away from my vocal chords, so I could say that the true mic portion of the mic is excellent quality because with my headset, occasionally my friends wouldnt hear me clearly. I’ve a pretty cheap headset, but still– mic 2 feet away and#62; headset 2 inches away? **Draw your conclusion here** that I havent heard of problems like static or other interference in my friends, they say they could hear me alright. Thats all I want to be happy with its functionality. The LEDs are a wonderful touch. Matches my gloomy themed PC :)What makes me bring this review down to 4 stars isnt in its own functionality or build, but rather its design. And of course it’s flawed, just personally, I’d like it more if the boom part (the shaft, if you will) had more room for alteration. You can only really transfer the boom marginally. Being that the microphone is at a fixed elevation, say goodbye to maneuvering it in tight spaces. Obviously, for me it isnt the biggest issue because it fits and works where it needs to be, but when youre wanting to finely adjust its physical installation, go to get a gooseneck mic. Overall, this is a fantastic product with an exceptional price-to-performance ratio (if there even is one for mics). Brain not needed for setup. Great for gamers, VoIP users, and voice recognition software, or anybody who wants a functional PC mic for day to day jobs. 4 stars.

KLIM Desktop USB Microphone Stand for Computer Laptop PC and PS4 Gaming Mic ( Blue ) Review | K902 Review